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About Allie.

Unique is where I'd like to start. By following my passion for designing brand identities, websites, and illustrations, I've developed a hybrid set of skills that ultimately led me to the vast field of UX Design.

My BFA in Graphic Design developed my understanding of all the basics; colors, typography, & love for strong coffee. From there I gained a deeper knowledge of web design, customer relations, and project management as a Project Coordinator for the Web Design Department at InMotion Hosting.

From 2016-2020 I was the UI/UX Specialist for InMotion Hosting, one of the top web hosting companies in the United States. I iteratively improved the company's UX, led their rebrand efforts, redesigned the internal account software, and assisted with the creation of a design system.

Currently, I am a UX Designer for the Higher Education SAAS company, Interfolio where I'm heavily involved in a Design System build and product UX work. 

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DHS Section 508 Trusted Tester Certification
U.S. Department of Homeland Security | Issued Sept. 2021

Accessibility: How to Design for All
The Interaction Design Foundation | Issued Nov. 2020

"I had the opportunity to work with Allison. She provides high quality work fast. She has a solid understanding regarding how different components go together and what looks good. In addition, she's very comfortable taking feedback and will quickly adjust wireframes and mockups without an ego. On top of this, she can code up her designs to make the delivered site pixel perfect to the high fidelity assets. She really is a pleasure to work with!"

Recommendation from Ben Lewis | Former VP of Customer Experience | Direct Manager

"I worked with Allison as both a Manager and UX Researcher, and she was a delight to collaborate with. Her strengths as a Designer lie not only in her diligence and hard work, but also in her talents to transform requirements into a useful, usable interface

Furthermore, her UI designs always had pixel-perfect white space; as a result, user testers often highly rated her designs as modern and clean. Users also responded favorably to the icons she designed.

Overall, Allison was a mature team player - she responded well to criticism and treated her peers with respect. When she transitioned to remote work full-time, her productivity was excellent. What took other designers prior to her one week to create, she designed in half the time. She’s is a valuable asset to any User Experience team, and I highly recommend her."

Recommendation from Aimeelyn Dineros | Manager of Customer Experience, UX Researcher | Direct Manager, Peer

"Allison was one of the best hires of my career. She combines talent with a hard work ethic and terrific personality. She is not only a valuable individual, but great team player as well. Her work is top notch and always delivered professionally with a smile."

Recommendation from Tim Evans | Former VP of Customer Experience | Indirect Manager

"Allison is a joy to work with. She has a great analytical approach to UX that dovetails with her creative UI skills to produce some very quality, focused work. And fast too. She receives direction and criticism well, with intelligent dialog and support of her direction. She is an asset in meetings on topics of product/service development that enhances the knowledge and direction of the process. A worthy member of any creative/dev team!"

Recommendation from Alec Uitti | Former Manager of Customer Experience/UX | Direct Manager

"Allie was a UX Designer on my team at Interfolio. In that time I came to rely upon her for her insight and perspective. She immediately joined the team and began championing the need for a more cohesive design system. She ran with this project, taking ownership of the process and the key deliverables. Under her direction the project moved at an amazing pace — and she made sure to include a broad group of stakeholders (Developers, QA, Marketing, and Product Management). Besides the design system work, she also was a voice for accessibility and inclusive design practices within the wider team. And lastly, she has also been involved in helping the Product team reassess some assumptions built into the information architecture of Interfolio’s B2B software platform (its faculty information system). In short, Allie is a highly capable UXer who can quickly make meaningful contributions to a design team. It was a pleasure to have her on my team."

Recommendation from Steve Mackley | Director of UX | Direct Manager

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