InMotion Hosting Navigation & Header Redesign

UI/UX Design

Header and Navigation Mockup

Previous Header & Navigation Design


InMotion Hosting restructured their navigation to align with the keywords users were looking for on the site. The top-level menu items were modified to come from products & solutions. The new navigation structure also focused on our customer personas and what content & information resonated with them. With this restructuring, I created a new interface for the navigation as well as the header.

The previous design's header did not account well for the mobile layout. With the redesign, I made sure to focus on making the header area mobile-friendly. On a desktop, the navigation has icons and short descriptors. However, on mobile, I made sure this was simplified and only the page link is displayed. This ensures the experience is optimized for both desktop and mobile users. 

UI/UX Designer

After over 4 months of testing we had the following results:

  • +25.7% Revenue
  • +5% All Sales
  • +20.3% Revenue per Sale
  • +3.3% Unique Carts Created
  • -4% Total Nav Clicks per Visitor
  • +3% Sales Chats

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